Mr. Green (mrgreen) wrote in lucid_remnants,
Mr. Green

ok, yes, i am having nightmares

there is somewhere i need to be . . . NOW! the urge to get there is so strong and sudden that i feel like i am going to explode.
where? you know where
no, i don't! doesn't matter anyway, just go
why? you must
no reply this time, only music . . . at least a dozen songs songs all at once, and one phrase between that keeps repeating and repeating until it seems like a chant . . .just one fix. . .
and i run . . . towards . . . something . . . down a long, empty street drowned in darkness
in small pools of light, they are all there, everyone, all of them . . . except . . .
those that i would never wish to see again are ignored as i run, those i have missed recieve a smile, a wave. my grandmother's office is a beacon of light on the dark road i am running, and i have to see her . . . but i don't go in, it doesn't feel right somehow . . .
the urge is getting stronger, and i am running faster, and faster, being pulled towards this place, this thing (it feels alive)
and suddenly, the road stops, deadends at a crossroads. and the urge is gone.
from one side wafts that pungent aroma of hydriotic acid, from the other, prfume, hard to place . . . but i can not see for very far down either path . . .
a sudden heat from behind and i turn to see a raging inferno tearing after medown the dark street.
which way now?
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