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Race Cars.

"That's why they call it a maze...", the female voice floated into the wind as the colorful aero dynamic car slid down the runway into the mass of track someone had created; death defying spirals and crossways where thousands of other tiny cars sped by... it was like one of those Hot Wheels toy raceways... the vision slid by as the car consumed the roadway, like a camera zooming out of focus, slowly loosing its subject in the surrounding life... soon the track became blinding pinpoints of lights blurring in their endless motion of circling the setup... I was the onlooker, the observer of their fate... they were being tested... if they did not move on then I would remain where I was... lost in time, in space... wherever I was... the vision slid further and further from my eyes as the raceway became a tiny spec among a glaxacy of raceways... there were suddenly millions upon millions of identical tracks lacing the black velvet of space... millions of pinpricks of pure white lights racing against time through their puzzlement of test...
And then I was standing in a dimly lit, golden glowing room... but if it was furnished all I was able to see, or sense were the enclosing beige walls and the presence of a speaker... male, not female.
I don't recall what he said to me.... all I remember is looking down at my shirt, my orange shirt, tugging it out from my body and seeing the tiny knuckle-sized cars on the edging of it...
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